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Self Contained Underwater Journal

Under Pressure

12 April 1986
Who am I?

I am Batwoman! No actually I'm not, but I wish I were. Actually no I don't, it would suck having to vigilently watch over a city. Instead I'm pretty happy being me I guess, I'm certainly the most content babyfur kitty I know. I tend to think I'm pretty normal, though my friends seem to think I'm off my rocker. Of course they might be correct in their sentiment, its not often you come across a kitten who like fire and destruction just a little too much. Nor will you find any other Sadistic Subservients in your life time, not that they aren't out there, just that they're a rarity.

A little side note, I am a transgendered pre-op Male to Female, and yes I do plan on getting the surgery despite the warnings of my friends. But everybody is entitled to their own stupidity once in a while, so meh.

Anyway, enough about me, lets talk about what I hope to accomplish on this live journal thingymajicer. The truth is, that I'm not really looking to accomplish much, I'm just here for entertainment purposes. You'll probably learn about me more as I post on this site, so look forward to those.